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Long-term education project

Long-term education project

Rich French higher education resources, covering management, art, music, cooking and so on. International academic cooperation project not only provides students with a diverse learning environment, but also to bring French universities international exchange and development, cultivate all-round talent with international vision.

SQU Union provides access to more than ten French top institutions of higher education with various potential opportunities. Wide range of professions, from perfume to fashion design management, from import and export trade to the music. Are all leading institutions within respective field, the courses are closely matched with paid internship. From school to employment, SQU would accompany with you along your road to success.


First stepChoose their own professional and academic 

third stepFrench Courses

The second stepFrance Foundation Bridging Course (Studying in France)

The fourth stepGraduation practice and employment


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SQU High quality alliance French universities more than France by the French Ministry of Education in the areas of elite universities composed certification Extensively involved in the field, including financial business, engineering technology, culture, communication, art and design

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