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Alliance Background

Rich French higher education resources, covering management, art, music, cooking and so on. International academic cooperation project not only provides students with a diverse learning environment, but also to bring French universities international exchange and development, cultivate all-round talent with international vision.

Recent years, demand of international students who wants to study in France increases dramatically, but due to language limitations, combined with mixed domestic intermediary institutions. Students who wants to study in France cannot have the best choice to the schools, and might find it difficult to adapt the local life, get employed after graduation, having lack of systematic and comprehensive understanding.

At the same time, more and more French local elite institutions aimed at promoting international academic exchanges, to attract overseas talent to France to study. But most elite colleges due to limited budgets and a lack of understanding of the overseas market, encountered many difficulties in the international admissions.

In order to improve the quality of teaching French to the international academic field, to help foreign students better develop effective learning programs, and to provide free of foreign students learning life support and service. French universities came into the league of high quality.


Union Historical overview

In 2015, under the proposal of  Mr. VIEL, the president of the famous French Education Group MBS, the SQU (School Quality Union) was officially established. having obtained certification from 1901 French Association Law , supported by the French government, and funded by its members themselves, jointly put out international direct enrollment plan. Today, the membership of the union has been  ever strong, all adimitted by the French Ministry of Education. It is open for international students with direct enrollment, personnel exchange program with major foreign universities are established in an orderly manner, thus attracting more and more to join France's top universities.

SQU Alliance, a non-profit coalition of official education, is an important part of the 50th anniversary of Sino-French diplomatic ties and cultural exchanges in the field of education, aimed at promoting student exchanges and France, to give more opportunity to accept Chinese students in France in the areas of top education, Union Joint France more than top universities for international students to provide full free advisory services, including the development of learning programs, school application, interview guide, visa applications, as well as the living and learning counseling against the law after.

SQU Union School are certified by the French Ministry of Education, gathering all kinds of elites in the industry, ranks on the top, and enjoys excellent reputation and Universities. Not only offer  internationally recognized diploma, and paid internship, prospering graduate employment prospects.

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